Ball Moss, Weeds and Turf

Let R&R Pest take care of your Ball Moss Weeds and Turf Problems

Ball Moss is the grayish-green “pincushion-like” or tufted growth seen on the bark of a number of Texas shade trees. Ball moss is an epiphytic plant, meaning it derives its nutrition from the air, not from the tree. It causes a great deal of worry for homeowners’ who fear that the ball moss is killing their trees. Trees heavily infested with ball moss have been observed to undergo a slow decline, because the moss can smother lower limbs of a tree simply through shading of buds.


If your trees have a heavy infestation of ball moss or you simply don’t like the look of moss in your trees, R & R Pest Control can help you.

One recommended method to control ball moss is “de-mossing.” This procedure consists of pruning out dead or weak branches, plus physically scraping or picking all the moss throughout the tree. This procedure will give good control for years. We also offer spraying methods to stop the spread of ball moss on your trees and reduce their presence on your trees.

Purple Thistle

Purple Thistles can be a very invasive species in your yard. Call us today for control with results!
R & R Pest Control, a Texas owned company has successfully treated entire subdivisions for purple thistles and can supply you with references upon request. Allow us to be your partner in protecting your health, property, business and the environment.


Pre emergent herbicides are products that prevent the germinating weeds from establishing in the lawn. These herbicides control annual grass weeds by inhibiting cell division in the young root system to develop resulting in the death of the young seedlings shortly after germination.