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Everyone wants a beautiful lush lawn but most people struggle with what to do, what to use, and when. Many factors are to be considered when attempting to control weeds, diseases, and lawn damaging bugs. Are we in a drought? What type of soil? Which weeds do you want to control? These are all questions that have to be answered in order to properly address your particular lawn issue and more importantly get to your desired outcome.

We offer professional grade products that get rid of unwanted weeds, provide a nutrient-rich diet, conserve water and thicken and green up your lawn. No more concerns about misapplication and burning your yard. You water and mow and we do the rest.

R&R Pest Control offers a multitude of services to choose from. You can package them and receive bundle discounts.  You can purchase them “al-a-carte”- only what you need.  Service agreements are available to spread the costs over a 12 month period for your budgeting convenience.  When bundling services we provide a schedule of when and what the services are that will be performed. Many times customers want to bundle other pest control service we offer (i.e. general pest control, mosquitoes treatments, etc.).

List of Services

  • Pre-emergent weed control
  • Post-emergent broad-leaf weed control
  • Slow release lawn fertilizers specific to the Texas Hill Country and your soil conditions
  • Lawn disease treatments including: Brown Patch, St. Aug decline, Take All Patch, and others
  • Fire ant treatments (spot or complete lawn)
  • Grub control applications to prevent lawn root damage and deter lawn rooting by armadillos
  • Organic granular peat moss application for water retention and air porosity
  • Granular insect treatment for Scorpion, spiders, fleas, ticks
  • Tree and shrub fertilizer treatments
  • Ball Moss treatments using sodium bicarbonate and a fungicide

Choose Our Program

Our programs are designed for your lawn to be weed-free, healthy and beautiful. Healthy lawns are less susceptible to insects and disease problems. Healthy lawns offer a relaxing location to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.

We are happy to send one of our professional lawn/turf care specialists to discuss your lawn care goals free of charge.

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Any Construction Site

R&R’s mission is to provide exceptional customer service and a full line of pest control services to both residential and commercial customers at a competitive cost. Mark Rutherford, the owner, says “One size does not fit all. We tailor our services to match our customer’s needs and expectations."

We Pursue Excellence

Our mantra is “Service, Integrity and Results”. Choosing R & R means you have selected a company whose employees care and listen to your pest control needs and concerns, and someone that cares about the safety of you, your family and your pets.

We Use the Safest Products

Besides using EPA approved pesticides when necessary we are an Eco-Friendly pest control company when possible or required. We use methods and materials that are friendlier to the environment and in many cases use the all-natural product line “Nature Cide”. Otherwise, our technicians are trained to follow the pesticide label to the letter and take their time to make sure the formulation is applied thoroughly.

We Practice Honesty

Our personal service, our sincere desire to listen to your concerns, and commitment to your satisfaction is unmatched by any other pest control company in the Texas Hill Country. We believe so much in our service that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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We provide pest control services to residential, commercial establishments, over 20 restaurants, medical centers, day cares, retirement homes, storage centers, historic homes, religious camps and to over 15 churches and places of worship in the Texas Hill Country.



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