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R&R Pest Control features a variety of services perfect for transforming your yard, outdoor dining areas, or recreation areas into a peaceful place for you and your family. Our most popular treatment is a barrier spray treatment that protects your yard for up to three weeks at a time. We also offer an all-natural mosquito control treatment option that repels mosquitoes for two weeks at a time. Misting systems can create a more permanent solution. The most important aspect of owning a misting system is being able to enjoy the outdoors without even thinking about Mosquitoes. We are a dealer for MistAway misting systems. To obtain more information about MistAway call us at 830-895-4007 or go to their website at:

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More than annoying

Mosquitoes are grave concern not only for their annoying stings but they can carry viruses and diseases that can be transmitted to humans such as malaria, yellow fever, West Nile, Zika and Dengue. They are responsible for more deaths than any other insect or animal in the world!

What to do

Mosquito larvae live in standing water. The first line of defense is to empty or eliminating containers that may hold stagnant water around your yard or property such as bird baths, tires, etc. This will greatly reduce the number or mosquitoes around your home.

Residential and commercial

Tired of battling mosquitoes in your backyard? We are proud to offer affordable, effective mosquito control solutions for both residential and commercial clients so you can beat the bloodsuckers and enjoy being outside again.

Mosquito feeding & breeding

Mosquitoes are mostly likely to feed within a 100 foot radius of their breeding sites and can fly as far as a mile and a half to feed. Mosquitoes are attracted by scent, sight, and heat.

Mosquitoes reduction programs that fit your budget.

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